ORC Early Warning System

& Inventory Control

Accurately alert staff and shoplifters while offenders remove too much product without merchandise changes such as fixtures, keepers, or tags!


Install Pads

Tally sensor pads (0.25” thick) are placed under products and connected to network.



Product sensitivity and alert thresholds are adjustable per shelf and facing.


Alert & Deter

Alerts trigger actions such as PA announcements, video, and text/app alerts.

Reduce shrink up to 40% in top ORC categories!

Tally sensor pads accurately collect inventory

  • SKU level inventory is collected every second enabling fast alerts while offenders are still removing product.
  • Multiple pads are daisy chained together and work with all types of shelf fixtures.
  • Pads are durable, waterproof, and also work in coolers and freezers.

In-store alerts notify staff & offenders

Multiple alerts can be triggered at the same time to effectively deter shoplifters. Most customers deploy a combination of storewide audio announcements, video recording, and text/email.

Storewide Audio

Send audio announcements through your existing PA system to alert staff and offenders in real time.

IP Video

Review and categorize short videos showing events of interest. Switch to a live shelf feed after receiving alert on phones and tablets.

Phone & Tablet

Receive alerts via app, text, and/or email. View live shelf feed and conveniently categorize alerts on phones or tablets.

PVM Trigger

Display video ads or regular camera feed then escalate with security banner, audio, and lights when alert is triggered.


Notify staff with specific shelf information through their existing radio headsets.


Send real-time alerts to other systems, integrate with facial recognition, and case management.

Intuitive cloud portal

  • Review video clips in the cloud
  • Categorize alerts and take notes about outcomes
  • Configure product layouts and alert thresholds
  • Upload audio announcements and adjust volume
  • Enable/disable email and text alerts

Successfully protecting products in these top ORC categories

Energy Drinks


Baby Formula



Power Tools


Frozen Meat & Seafood

Health & Beauty

Ice Cream

“We are working with TALLY Solutions… We have Smart Shelf deployed in over twenty stores… The technology can also send out-of-stock alerts to store personnel and distributors. So far the system has been very successful in deterring far more events than actual theft.”

Scott Ziter

VP Loss Prevention | Price Chopper
Chair of the FMI Asset Protection Council
National Anti-Organized Retail Crime Association.

”Results of the offender interviews for the Smart Shelf were positive receiving our highest scores for "Get It" and "Fear It”… This solution’s unique ability to alert store personnel and potential thieves in real time while theft activity is occurring at the shelf is worth consideration."

Dr. Read Hayes

Director | Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC)
University of Florida

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